This season is a season of hard

As I lay here with silent tears streaming down my face, Jackson is vocal stimming (manic laughter), with a body that just can’t find a calm state, evenings have been hard lately, he just can’t wind himself down anymore. Even as we lay here and he’s drifting off to sleep he’s moaning to keep theContinue reading “This season is a season of hard”

The gift of time

My word for 2020 is time. This photo popped up in my memories this morning and I think back to when I said “I wish time would stand still”. Well, this year it did. We had moments where we were thankful for the slow down and appreciated the time together, time we wouldn’t have hadContinue reading “The gift of time”

Perspective is a funny thing

Perspective is a funny thing. I always thought parenting would be about never missing a sports game, eating big family meals, time outs for sibling scuffles, and planning memorable family vacations. And although for you it may be about those things, special needs parenting has changed what being a parent means to me. It meansContinue reading “Perspective is a funny thing”

We are building his community

Today I had a talk with Jackson’s pap, he told me about a gift that was waiting for Jackson at his house from a friend of his. They both love trains. One of my favorite parts of this journey is that when people who follow along see trains, they immediately think of Jackson. When IContinue reading “We are building his community”

My love for him, and my love for the holidays

My love for him and my love for the holidays had to be kept separate before this year. My sister and I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve, we would cuddle up together in our matching pajamas but we were always too excited to sleep. We would wake before the sun, “sneak” down the stepsContinue reading “My love for him, and my love for the holidays”

Public Schools Accused of Defrauding Special Education Students During Pandemic Nationwide

Our lives are often broken up by dates that mark significant events that change us. Our wedding dates, the birthdays of our children, the death of a family member we loved and cherished.. And for parents in 2020, there are various dates throughout the second week of March that will stay with them forever. ForContinue reading “Public Schools Accused of Defrauding Special Education Students During Pandemic Nationwide”

I’m ready for forever

This morning I thought about forever, as we woke up before the sun, and hurried to get ready to go find trains. This is what we do. When you first find out you’re going to become a parent you think about raising a child, sending them off to college, and watching them get married andContinue reading “I’m ready for forever”

I’m thankful for grandparents

When I stop to count my blessings I never forget to say thank you seven times for the grand parents. Being a special needs grandparent is it’s own arena. They’ve learned how to meet Jackson where he is, fall in love with trains, find their way into his world. And we’ve been lucky enough toContinue reading “I’m thankful for grandparents”