Hi, and welcome, we are happy that you have landed on our page. Here you will find stories about our family, Jackson’s life with autism and the amazing things it has taught us along the way. I hope you enjoy, learn something new, and stick around for this journey that he’s taking us on. Our writing has been featured on TODAY Parents, Her View From Home, Love What Matters, Red Tricycle, Finding Coopers Voice, and others. While you’re here be sure to check out the Momming Autism podcast for inspirational stories from other special needs parents, and if you’re here for IEP help there’s a page for that too.

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Hi, I’m Amanda. Most people know me as Jackon’s mom, but I am also a wife, and Monroe’s mom too. I co-host the Momming Autism podcast with my friend Katie, I enjoy blogging, teaching dance at my studio, and I’m also a master iep coach. Writing about Jackson’s journey was therapeutic for me, but this page has lead to such a wonderful community of amazing and supportive people that we grew a virtual family. Thank you for joining us!

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