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Hi, I’m Amanda DeLuca and I have been a master IEP coach since the fall of 2019. I am an autism mom who joined the Master IEP Coach mentorship to learn how to better serve my son at the IEP table, and I now proudly serve families at the table too. I specialize in bringing the team together to find innovative and collaborative solutions to better serve my clients. Behavior therapy support, a strong parent-input statement, and smart IEP goals and accommodations are my specialty. I live in Ohio with my husband and two children where I also teach dance classes, and serve on the board as The More Than Project. I proudly serve families in our state and across the country, and connect each month virtually with an online community of parents just like you who learn from myself and another fellow Master IEP Coach in Patreon. If you landed here because you want to feel more confident in making IEP decisions that serve the unique needs of your child? Then you are in the right space.

A Master IEP Coach can help you find success at the IEP table by helping you:

-Prepare for an IEP meeting

-Gain confidence in your decisions, and have a better understanding of the purpose of the IEP.

-Negotiate Services

-Navigate through conflict

-Create better meeting outcomes

Ready to work together? Click the link below for my client coaching form. I offer a variety of services and packages to serve parents both at the table, before their meetings, or after for continued support. Please reach out if you need someone in your IEP corner.

Ready to take your IEP knowledge to the next level? Join our online community where fellow Master IEP Coach, Kirby, and I are teaching parents how they can begin “Mastering Your IEP” with our e-book and course allowing them to dig deeper based on knowledge we have gained working in the field and as special needs parents.

This course, book, and other materials within the community bring you the resources we wish we would have had. Each month we do a video training on a special education related topic, we offer a free downloadable pdf, and a monthly Q&A thread.

Here is your direct link to join us:

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