We are building his community

Today I had a talk with Jackson’s pap, he told me about a gift that was waiting for Jackson at his house from a friend of his.

They both love trains.

One of my favorite parts of this journey is that when people who follow along see trains, they immediately think of Jackson.

When I started sharing our story on the internet a few years ago I needed it for me, I needed it to find other moms who were going through the same things, I wanted it to be a glimpse into the real world of autism for others who were curios because I didn’t have that before this was our life.

I now feel like we could walk around signaling a train whistle with our arms, and other people in our community would join in, because of Jackson.

Terry’s friend and his wife bought Jackson a gift, because they love trains too. They wrapped it and delivered it because he loved that they shared an interest.

They’ve never met Jackson, but they know he loves trains too.

This happens often actually, not the gifts, but people see the real joy that trains bring jacks, and they can’t help but join in.

This random act of such kindness sparked the conversation today and taught me what I didn’t know was happening around me.

“You’re building a community for him.” Terry said.

“Every single time you share you’re creating a bigger community for him, making this world a kinder place for him to grow up in, making it safer for him, it’s working. His community is here, it’s growing by the day.”

I had no idea, but his words floored me. It brings me to tears. THIS is every special needs parents dream.

This is why we do what we do.

So, thank YOU for being here, thank you for building our community. We are SO glad you’re here!

You are so important to us.

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