The gift of time

My word for 2020 is time.

This photo popped up in my memories this morning and I think back to when I said “I wish time would stand still”.

Well, this year it did.

We had moments where we were thankful for the slow down and appreciated the time together, time we wouldn’t have had otherwise with our busy schedules.

Time away from our family as we had to celebrate birthdays and holidays virtually.

Time without services and support.

Time without therapy that teaches Jackson how to write, read, interact, that we will never be able to make up.

Time to let go of people who only pretended to be in our corner, and time to welcome those who are truly cheering him on.

Time to hunt trains, and discover his favorite new spots.

Time for communication to grow, and pretend play to make its way in.

Time to recognize the hard, to cry about it, ask for help, and press on.

Time to celebrate the joys, the wins, and the humor.

Time to lose my patience, to apologize, and the time to start over the next day.

Time to observe him, to teach him, and to love on him so hard.

Time to be angry about our kids being left behind, forgotten, and a reminder of why advocating has to be done.

Time to become familiar with aggression, and learn how to move forward.

Time to bond, and learn how to be a better mom.

Time to play with siblings, and learn to let go of schedules.

Time to let the dishes sit, the laundry to pile up, and time to order in instead of home cooked meals.

Time to take a deep breath, and remember how strong we must be because there’s no end in sight my friends.

Time to dust ourselves off and carry on mama.

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