Lessons I’ve learned about marriage while raising a child with special needs.

“We’ve spent so much of our time and marriage teaching our son how to communicate somewhere along the way my husband and I forgot how to effectively do that with each other.”

The evolution of communication

When I think back on this journey of parenting a child on the autism spectrum certain bullet point topics stand out to me that will define your journey as a parent, your child’s journey as a person with autism, and the journey for those who can selflessly join in for the ride. What stands outContinue reading “The evolution of communication”

A letter to my husband

To my husband who chose to stay: That sounds so ridiculous to say out loud, some people are currently scratching their heads because why would I say that? I say it because it’s true….. Thank you for loving me when the diagnosis of autism consumed me, and changed who I was. I was no longerContinue reading “A letter to my husband”