A letter to my husband

To my husband who chose to stay:

That sounds so ridiculous to say out loud, some people are currently scratching their heads because why would I say that? I say it because it’s true….. Thank you for loving me when the diagnosis of autism consumed me, and changed who I was. I was no longer in my mid-twenties trying to figure out how to be a first time mom, I was an autism mom and services for our son was my only priority. We said good-bye to date nights, weekend get-aways, and replaced our free time with conferences, research, and intake appointments.

Thank you for loving me through the grief, for promising me it will get better, and for loving our son for exactly who he is. Thank you for working through the meltdowns, endlessly searching for trains, and thousands of trips to the carwash.

Thank your for holding my hand through evaluations, ieps, for speaking up at doctors appointments, and asking questions at therapy. Thank you for being a voice for Jackson, my backup, and our voice of reason.

Thank you for never telling me I look tired, or run-down. Thank you for always calling me beautiful, for reminding me you love me, andfor never saying “you’re wearing that?”

Thank you for never giving up on our family, for giving me the strength to keep advocating, and for always believing in Jackson. Thank you for standing with me when I want to try ALL of the therapies, remedies, and strategies, for never turning down a “project” over the years. Thank you for letting me sneak in a nap when I’m too tired to carry on. Thank you for the adventures, for always calling the insurance, for giving the baths, and keeping me going.

Thank you for never walking away, for keeping this chaos together, and for loving me through my toughest times. We love our “Dad-hee”.

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