Success in special needs parenting

Success in special needs parenting follows its own set of rules. It isn’t measured by little league trophies, or karate belts, classroom awards, or Boy Scout badges.

Success is never giving up when you’re told all the “cant’s”. It’s that your child tried one new food this year. It’s never settling for less than what they deserve at the iep table.

Success is making it through the day after a night of no sleep. It’s trying to potty train for years and years before it sticks.

Success is attending a family Christmas even though your child won’t open gifts. It’s having one friend who comes to your child’s birthday party.

Success is admitting autism is hard, and finding a friend who checks in on you.

Success is finding a therapist who loves your child just as much as you. It’s having a sibling who understand kindness at a capacity that most adults can’t even understand.

Success is seeing inclusion happen because you advocated when everyone else sat down.

Success is walking safely on a side walk, and slipping on his own shoes. It’s holding a pencil for the first time, and pointing.

Success is communication, not just words. It’s the first “I love you”.

Success is about never giving up hope, and never settling for less.

Your child is a product of your success mama

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